My most recent body of work is inspired by aerial news photography of hyper-detailed, dizzying landscapes, such as the aftermath of a natural disaster, the effects of drought and deforestation, or the controlled chaos of a construction site. These photographs provide a basis for my study drawings, which I create using a blind contour technique of continuous line to pull out certain key elements. I then hand-trace my drawings onto translucent film, in overlapping iterations, using mixed mediums of graphite, permanent marker, acrylic ink, or oil paint.

The interwoven calligraphic line and optical color in my work creates an allover pattern that is visually complex and abstract, yet still retains certain elements of the original image.

Ultimately, my work reflects a curiosity about the intersection of science and technology with the natural world – and their mutual effects upon each other. Universal ideas of incongruous dualities provide further inspiration: chaos/order; natural/artificial; entropy/regeneration